Rotor Heads & Camplates
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Custom performance 4mm lift camplate
4 -cylinder and 6-cylinder VE pumps
You may also acquire a set of high performance
6x16 injectors  to match the dynamic level of our
14mm rotor head. Please click on the
section for details.
1             14mm Rotor Head for VE pump
Rocken part No.:
Special offer for immediately shipping    

Available: Custom 4mm lift VE camplate, a performance version of
stock camplate for Cummins 6BTA and other engines - only to those
who can handle the larger fuel volume with higher lift
1              4mm custom camplate
for VE6 pump
Rocken part No.:  
Please check the availability
Combo    (1) 14mm rotor head with  
(1)  4mm camplate
Please check the availability
1               4mm lift custom camplate
for VE4 pump
Rocken part No.: RCP-366-4MM  
Special offer !!!   
Rotor Heads and camplates for Fuel Injection Pumps

Available with 10 mm, 11 mm, 12 mm stock version - please check the

Custom high performance 14 mm distributor rotor head and 4
mm lift camplate for VE pumps.

Performance applications:
Available: Custom 14mm VE pump rotor head, an enlarged version of
rotor head (1 468 336 480) for Cummins 6BTA and other engines.
Note: The high lift 4mm camplate is not designed to replace the stock
camplate (2.8mm); neither is it designed for use with our 14mm rotor head
use together there could be timing and high RPM issues - please make
sure you have all the clearance and other accommodations to your fuel
system. The 14mm head itself can go up to any high speed as long as your
pump can sustain the rpm.

Some applications involved using the 14mm head for VE4 pumps by
plugging (blocking) two of the (six) ports on the rotor head - if you are an
expert, you can always push the limit...

Please also check out the
plugs and 0.12" (3mm interior) fuel lines to
accomodate your fuel system when you use our 14mm head and or 4mm
lift camplate.

Other Stock Camplates and Rotor Heads
Camplate, stock 2.8 mm camplate
for Bosch VE 6-cylinder pump, applications
include Cummins, MAN 6/12F 6BT, 5.9L
Model: RCP-1466111361
Camplate, stock 2.8 mm camplate
for Bosch VE 4-cylinder pump
Model: RCP-1466110374
Camplate, stock 3.0 mm lift camplate for VE
6-cylinder pump, application includes
Cummins, MAN 6/12F 6BT
Model: RCP-1466111654
Rotor head, 12mm stock rotor head for VE4R
pump (4-cylinder) CDC Cummins 4BTA4/4BT,
also replaces 1 468 334 378
Model: RRH-VE4/12R-1468334648
Rotor head, 12mm, for VE6R
pumps for (Cummins) 6BT 5.9
engines, clockwise rotation
Model: RRH-VE6/12R-1468336480
Rotor head, 10mm stock rotor head for VE4R
pump also replaces 1 468 334 367
Model: RRH-VE4/10R-1468334367
Rotor head, 11mm plunger, for VE pump
4-cylinder (VE4R)clockwise rotation, also
replace: 1 468 334 604
Model: RRH-VE4/11R-1468334604
Rotor head, 11mm stock rotor head for VE6R
pump also replaces 1 468 336 637
Model: RRH-VE6/11R-1468336637
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Parts and Accessories
Spring kit, including plate, spring
and accessories for VE rotor head,
View our VE Repair Kit here.